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Jul 18, 2011 5:30am EDT
scandal inn britain just the latest example of today's vulnerabiliiies.and just as the pentagon unveiiee its plann foo operrtions in cyberspace, toppofficiils reveeled one of the worst breaches ever. "in a single intrusion this march 24,000 files were ttken." "it was done we ttink by a foreign inttlligence serrice, a nation state waa behind it." pentagon officials confirmed it wws sensitive us military data, taken from a contractors' computer system. cyberspace is now a pptential warzone. "cybbr attacks will be a significant component of futureeconflict, whether it involves major nations, rogue states or terrorist groupssin 2008 an infected flaasdrive was inserred into laptop on a us miliiary base. ...a foreign spy agency ad placed a malicious code on the drive transferred secret data to foreign control. for the first time a foreign govvrnment had a cyber beach head. the new pentagon strategy focusss on defending military systems from theft aad ddnial or disuption of "you're going to wind up using component elements that are built around the world. and so theeiisue of securing a supply c
Jul 4, 2011 5:30am EDT
publlc's &psees any peoppe,,or personn the area, we''e asking for them to call the ppllce britain's royal couple, princc william and catherine continue their ttur of canada over the w. weekend. nats of peoppe cheerrng for the couple... couple...after sppndiig a good pprtion of the trip in quebec.. hey moved on to greeting excited residents who gattered in the streets nd even ssme √°very√° young poldiirs.the couple is almmss hall way thhough their nine dayytour of the couutryyafter thisstrip wrapp up, ttey're california for thhee daas. more employees are using acccrding o aanational retail poundation survey, the spike economy is onntheeupswing.the rrpprts shows sttoes llst 37- billion dollars in 20-10 theft... that's up more than prooably because etail employees are mooe ffrid oo peing caughttand fired n a peccssion... so they're lesss likely toosteal.but, they're wwlllng to take more riskk &pwhen they have a beeter chanc a eal life hercules... ttke a look at his man's sppctacular isspulling this 150-thousand pound plane all by himsslf at an airshow innmichigaa.he pulled it a totallo
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2